How to set monitor to 144hz windows 10

How to set monitor to 144hz windows 10

If you are looking for How to set monitor to 144hz windows 10 you are in the best place. It is essential to know that your Windows is actually set to which advertised refresh rate. Whether it is set at 60hz or 120hz. It will be shocking for you to know that advance refresh rate or high refresh rates required new cables. It is necessary to replace old wires. 

Monitors Connections Advanced DisplayPort Cable

Usually monitors connections like HDMI and DisplayPort are connected with some monitors. If you want to move from 60hz or 120hz to 144hz, then it is necessary to use an advanced DisplayPort cable. If you are not sure and don’t have enough guidance, then it is best to carefully check the specifications of your monitor to get extra and detailed information.

It is compulsory to check the setup guide. No need to get worried about what kind of cable is suitable. You have to worry about the cable.


DisplayPort users

DisplayPort users must make sure that they are using a branded and certified cable which is created especially for DisplayPort. A branded cable which is specially made for DisplayPort 1.2 has high quality, and it works properly as per requirements. There are several types of poor quality cables available in the market. These kinds of cables will not work for DisplayPort1.4.

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Customers carefully have to choose the cables which will work appropriately for a more extended period. Some low-quality cable has a Reduced Bit rate is also available in the market, which can only support 1080 p. It is essential to carefully choose the table and make sure that you don’t purchase such kind of poor quality cable, which can only help 1080 p. 


If you are not sure about the quality of the cable. It is the best way to connect it with the monitor to check its condition. Low quality and cheap cables cause different types of problems when connected to monitors. It is recently found that different types of wires connected with Asus monitors could not provide the best results and right signals at 144hz.

The screen starts to flicker contains a stable view, and refresh rate would drop down to 60 Hertz. It will be great for you to know that when AccellDisplayPort cable was used. It produces excellent results with no flickers on the screen, and it does not drop the refresh rate.

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Connectivity of wire

Connectivity of wire with a monitor is also essential. Make sure that your tables are correctly connected with your monitor. If you are facing any problem, firstly unplug your cable from the monitor and plug it again. Make sure that cable is connected correctly with the monitor. The wire which is not properly connected with the monitor causes different problems.


It is essential to understand how to set monitor to 144hz Windows 10. If you want to set the monitor to 144hz, then go to setting. Then click on system, then take your mouse on Display and click it. After that go to Advanced Display Settings and then click on Display Adapter Properties.


After that place your mouse on the Monitor tab and open it. After that carefully choose the advertised rate which is available in the Screen Refresh rate list and then press Ok. There are a lot of problems which enables your monitor not to work correctly even on its advertising refresh rate. Your computer will not work correctly if it is facing a problem-related to is GPU.


In many cases, discrete graphics will not allow your monitor to work correctly. Older discrete graphics in the integrated cases do not support the refresh rate of your monitor. It is essential to know that graphic card install in your computer must support the resolution and refresh rate of your monitor.


It is necessary to upgrade your graphic drivers and always install its latest version. If you are a game lover and facing problems related to its graphics, it is best to select the resolution and refresh rate of your monitor to 120 hertz or 144 Hertz. By focusing on all these points, you will feel that your monitor is working correctly and smoothly with a high refresh rate.

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